Brisbane Western Suburbs Shopping CentresIf you are considering purchasing an investment property in Brisbane then it’s wise to think beyond the accommodation you will provide. To secure long-term, satisfied tenants, the location of your property also plays a very important part.

If your property is located out of reach of convenient local services, retail and medical facilities then no matter how beautiful or well-furbished it is, it may be hard to keep tenants for long. Luckily, Brisbane’s Western Suburbs are well equipped, with a number of major shopping centres within easy reach. We’ve compiled a list of these to help you understand the facilities each suburb has to offer.

Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, Indooroopilly

The Indooroopilly Shopping Centre was the recipient of a $450 million redevelopment completed in 2015 and is now the largest in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs.

This 340-store shopping centre, as well as being home to a huge range of retail outlets and a 16 screen cinema megaplex, houses large supermarkets and outlets for five major banks. Indooroopilly Shopping Centre also houses community services including the Brisbane City Council Library, an Australia Post office and Indooropilly Police Beat as well as a comprehensive range of medical facilities that covers most of your tenants’ every day needs.

Easily accessible by public transport, with the Brisbane Bus Interchange contained within its complex and the Indooroopilly Railway Station just 400m down the road, this enormous shopping centre also provides bike storage racks and generous accommodation for parking, with the first 3 hours available free.

An investment property near Indooroopilly Shopping Centre can offer tenants the convenience of an unmatched range of services in a single location nearby.

Discover This Shopping Centre Here :  Indooroopilly Shopping Centre

Kenmore Village, Kenmore

Lovers of the family-friendly suburb of Kenmore, with its numerous schools and attractive older houses, have access to plenty of shopping and community facilities in the Kenmore Village Shopping Centre. This lively local shopping centre is conveniently located near the Kenmore hills and just by State Route 33 for easy access by car.

Near to local schools and a family medical centre, this wheelchair-friendly shopping centre provides a wide range of shopping and restaurant facilities as well as Kenmore Library (with access to a Justice of the Peace), ATMs for major banks, Australia Post office and childcare facilities in the form of Kenmore District Montessori Children’s House at the rear. A variety of medical services are also available in the centre’s Professional Suites.

Particularly appealing is the huge range of fresh produce available on the regular market days at Kenmore Village, which also offer food, drink and demonstrations. It is easily accessible by car with 15 minute parking nearby.

Discover This Shopping Centre Here : Kenmore Village

Kenmore Plaza, Kenmore

Large indoor shopping centres are not for everyone, and Kenmore Plaza offers a small outdoor shopping complex with sufficient parking for visitors.

Usefully located on the Moggill Road at No 841, this convenient shopping centre provides access to two decent sized supermarkets and a fast food outlet as well as access access to a useful range of stores as well as a local tavern if you fancy a drink or a hearty pub meal. Visitors to Kenmore Plaza will also find a hardware store, café, grocery store and a number of other small shops.

Mt Ommaney Centre, Mt Ommaney

Within easy reach of many Mt Ommaney homes and located right beside the Centenary Motorway, this shopping centre provides over 2,500 parking spaces as well as one of Brisbane City Council’s secure bike shelters for all-day parking for visitors’ bikes. The Centre is also home to the Mt Ommaney Centre Bus Interchange for public transport to and from other parts of the City.

Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre boasts 170 stores where residents can find anything from fashion outlets and luggage stores to pharmacies and optometrists, 3 major supermarkets and a number of banks and ATMs. A Post Office is located in the shopping centre and local residents can make an appointment with a Justice of the Peace four days per week.

Discover This Shopping Centre Here : Mt Ommaney Centre

Toowong Village, Toowong

Arguably the most connected of all Brisbane’s large shopping centres, Toowong Village sits on the doorstep of the Brisbane City Bus Interchange, with Toowong Train Station accessible from within the centre itself.

Tenants of this popular leafy suburb can visit Toowong Village for a comprehensive range of retail outlets, hair and beauty services can be accessed in the centre, as well and a generous selection of banks and ATMs. Most major banks are represented here.

This riverfront shopping centre also serves as a community hub, with the provision of doctor surgeries and dental services within the centre’s walls. Toowong Library is here, as well as regular visits by a Justice of the Peace. The shopping centre’s suite of offices is home to a wide range of local businesses and international concerns and serves as a strong source of employment in the area. Toowong Village is a useful one-stop supplier of your tenants’ everyday needs.

Discover This Shopping Centre Here : Toowong Village

Ipswich Riverlink Shopping Centre, North Ipswich

Home to a multiplex cinema and 5 large supermarkets, Ipswich Riverlink is a source of entertainment as well as a convenient location for resident’s everyday shop. In addition to the big stores, Riverlink contains 150 specialist stores within its walls, providing a comprehensive selection of services and items to buy.

Located on the shores of the Bremer River in the Ipswich area of Brisbane, it’s extremely easy to visit. The shopping centre provides nearly 3000 parking spots, hosts a bus interchange and is directly across the street from the train station. Local residents can benefit from the Riverlink medical centre, pharmacies, Australia Post and access to all major banks. Riverlink works as a central, convenient hub for local services.

A fantastic provision for eligible disabled Ipswich residents is the ability to visit Ipswich Riverlink Shopping Centre via cab for only $2 each way, with mobility hire available for shopping on site.

Discover This Shopping Centre Here :Riverlink Shopping Centre

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