Schools in Kenmore, Chapel Hill, Indooropilly, Brookfield and SurroundsLandlords – the best kind of tenant for your investment property is a satisfied tenant, one who has access to everything they need, both in and around where they live. A tenant whose needs are fulfilled is one who is likely to stay and treat your property as their long-term home.

Tenants with families, of course, need to be near a good school. Whether you are looking for a property to buy or a new home to rent, we understand that it helps to know what’s around. We’ve therefore compiled a list of contact information for schools in the Western Suburbs to help you pinpoint the ideal location for your investment or home.

Schools in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane

Brisbane’s Western Suburbs provide excellent schooling facilities for children of all ages, with the added advantage of extensive transport links in and around the area. We’ve chosen to list government schools, which are all co-ed and not affiliated to any faith. A full list of faith schools, boarding schools and other independent schools is available on The Australian Schools Directory if you have more specific needs.

To find out more about each school, we recommend contacting the school itself. However, you can also find a list of Brisbane’s top-rated primary schools and secondary schools online to see if the schools in your chosen area are performing well.

Primary Schools in Western Brisbane :

Brookfield State School
Boscombe Road
Brookfield, QLD4069
Phone: 07 3374 7333
Website :

Chapel Hill State School
Ironbark Road
Chapel Hill, QLD4069
Phone: 07 3871 4888
Website :

Fig Tree Pocket State School
Cubberla Street
Fig Tree Pocket, QLD4069
Phone: 07 3327 2111
Website :

Indooroopilly State School
Cnr Moggill Road & Russell Terrace
Indooroopilly, QLD4068
Phone: 07 3327 2333
Website :

Jamboree Heights State School
35 Beanland Street
Jamboree Heights, QLD4074
Phone: 07 3725 5666
Website :

Jindalee State School
114 Burrendah Road
Jindalee, QLD4074
Phone: 07 3725 5777
Website :

Kenmore South State School
16 Kersley Road
Kenmore, QLD4069
Phone: 07 3327 0888
Website :

Kenmore State School
2052 Moggill Road
Kenmore, QLD4069
Phone: 07 3327 2444
Website :

Middle Park State School
Cnr Sumners Road & MacFarlane Street
Middle Park, QLD4074
Phone: 07 3712 9888
Website :

Moggill State School
Moggill Road
Moggill, QLD4070
Phone: 07 3202 0444
Website :

Pullenvale State School
120 Grandview Road
Pullenvale, QLD4069
Phone: 07 3202 0333
Website :

Secondary Schools in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs :

Secondary schools in Western Brisbane are larger than the primary schools, with a wider catchment area. However, as the transport links in the Western Suburbs are excellent, access is rarely an issue. Local travel information and timetables can be accessed via the TransLink website here.

Centenary State High School
1 Moolanda Street
Jindalee, QLD4074
Phone: 07 3373 4555
Website :

Indooroopilly State High School
Ward Street
Indooroopilly, QLD4068
Phone: 07 3327 8333
Website :

Kenmore State High School
60 Aberfeldy Street
Kenmore, QLD4069
Phone: 07 3327 1555
Website :

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