Kenmore Brisbane Property Management

Thanks for your interest in Colleen Miles Management Services, the business I started up in 2014 to provide a uniquely different property investment management option for owners in Kenmore, Chapel Hill, Pullenvale, Brookfield and Pinjarra Hills, St Lucia and Indooroopilly. I live in Karana Downs and manage properties in this suburb, as well as servicing Karalee, Mount Crosby and Chuwar. If you have made it to the About page, I presume you’re here to find out what exactly is behind yet another real estate agent in Brisbane West expounding their superior knowledge of the area and expertise as an executive property investment manager!

I am a local

I do live in the area! I lived in Brookfield for 10 years and still own my family’s house there, which is rented out and I manage myself. I moved to Karana Downs with my husband and grown son recently – for even more of a tree change – and have settled in to life very happily here, so really am a local to the Western Suburbs of Brisbane in general! Being myself an owner of several investment properties in Brisbane, I highly value the fact that I have spent most of my working career as an accountant. After all, it is all about the numbers. Property ownership is an investment, so it’s a business, and must be treated as such. It’s not just property management – it’s property investment management.  As a property owner for investment purposes, we must fall in love with a deal because the numbers work, and not for emotional reasons. Emotions can cost money! And an investment must be managed by the numbers. Cashflow and capital – both need to be managed carefully and that is precisely why it is a great benefit to you that I am an accountant, as well as a fully licenced Real Estate Agent managing your property.

Property investment management is no job for youngsters who have never owned a property or indeed even rented one. Decisions are made on repairs and rentals on a regular basis and you need to know they are done with a sound reasoning in mind, as well as the experience of maturity and common sense. When you engage Colleen Miles Management Services, you’re getting the Principal Agent in charge of your property investment – which could be your retirement fund. Who do you want in charge of your retirement fund? A successful, experienced, investment savvy accountant, or an overloaded young administration assistant in a busy office who struggle to maintain a huge rental roll in order to provide future sales for the sales office of the real estate agency?

Why do I manage property?

Why do I manage property for owners? I love property, I love numbers, I love people. I’m a great problem solver and I relish the challenge of maximizing income for owners of rentals Kenmore way as well as properties in the surrounding area of Brisbane West. Most Real estate offices, probably due to the sheer volume of properties they manage, have trouble managing their relationship with the client. I do this differently and that’s why I founded my business. And although I am looking to grow my business, my strategy is to maintain a maximum rental roll size that allows me to continue to manage it personally and ensure the quality of service and attention to detail remains second-to-none. If you have been dissatisfied with your property management options in the past, or are thinking about buying an investment property and are considering Ipswich, Centenary Suburbs or Kenmore real estate managers to look after it for you, I warmly invite you to contact me on colleen@colleenmiles.com.au or fill in the form on the Contact Us page and I will promptly get back to you.

Out and about…

Besides my passion for property and “orderliness”, my other main interest is shared with my husband – and that is vintage cars! (I wouldn’t recommend these to everybody, but if you get the right one and do it the right way, they can also be an investment!) We are the proud owners of not one, but two Austin-Healey vehicles. One is already lovingly restored to absolute perfection and is a joy to ride in. We are regular rally drivers, doing an annual Australian run, and have embarked on some pretty involved adventures with fellow vintage car enthusiasts in the past 5 years! Most recently we travelled from Brisbane to The Great Ocean Road in Victoria and then 10 days touring around Tasmania in the 1954 BN1 which was a bundle of fun. The organising skills to undertake that road trip was nothing in comparison with our 2013 3 month trip around Europe. That started with transporting the cars to the UK in shipping containers…. What a blast! Our current project is a 1967 Austin-Healey that is still at the component-restoration stage and will take some time yet to morph into a recognisable car shape. Whilst an expensive and time-consuming hobby, it’s a pursuit that is immensely rewarding, as we’re restoring something from a bygone era, that is worlds apart from our current ‘throw-away’ society and preserving a glorious piece of history for future generations to enjoy. It’s also a very social pastime, with many of our closest friends sharing our same passion. What a great way to spend time together!